Mont Point was created by a group of young friends that share a passion for wine. During one of our trips to a local winery, we started a discussion about the best method to extract a cork from a bottle. The informal bar talk led to a few weeks of research and a few wines later, we came up with the optimum solution for opening wine bottles. 


After our grand opening in 2016, we now hold stock in various countries across the globe, securing warehouses in Spain, France, USA, Russia and China. We are an expanding business, looking to develop our product line and stock the latest improvements in the field.


We are a team formed by professionals of multiple disciplines that became friends in university. We use our own experiences and personal stories to improve the design of our products and make our customers happy. From our humble beginnings, we aimed to use our knowledge in business and technology to further develop the most ergonomic and efficient tools for cork extraction and wine preservation.

Mont Point is made by wine lovers, for fellow wine lovers around the world.